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KAIZEN Institute Malaysia is the leading provider of KAIZEN and LEAN consultancy and training in Malaysia and South East Asian region.

Our consultants have practical experience in the application of the Toyota Production System (TPS). Our consultants use our up-to-date integrated system methodology, the KAIZEN Management System (KMS) in various industries.

The KAIZEN Institute is a global organisation which provides consulting services to companies represented in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa and America. The KAIZEN Institute supports companies of all sizes and industrial segments as well as private and public service organisations.

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KAIZEN Institute publishes new book about Total Flow Management and Lean Management

New Book!

Total Flow Management: Achieving Excellence with Kaizen and Lean Supply Chains This new book describes the application of the principles of Flow, Synchronization and Levelling to full Supply Chains. Author: Euclides A. Coimbra

KAIZEN Forum: Lean Management in Administration and Service Industries


Total Service Management Equals Big Savings. A Global Initiative: As Administration and Service Industries go Lean!

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The KAIZEN Management System

Numerous methods can be used for the improvement process in the company. For long term success it is however important to take all influence factors into account. The KAIZEN Management System addresses all aspects which contribute to company results. These are factors such as quality, costs, logistics, staff motivation, safety, technology and the environment. The entire process chain  - from supplier via the internal customer to the final customer – is therefore taken into consideration.

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