KAIZEN Institute Services

The KAIZEN Institute is a global organisation which provides consulting services to companies represented in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa and America.

The KAIZEN Institute supports companies of all sizes and industrial segments as well as private and public service organisations.

Our portfolio encompasses the areas of Consulting, Training, Benchmarking and Qualification. Our target audience can be found on all levels of management as well as specialist and line level employees. You benefit in the market from our competencies by:

  • Reduced throughput times
  • Increased frequency of inventory turnover
  • Reduced inventory
  • Extended human capital knowledge base
  • Improved flexibility
  • Optimum quality
  • Reduced manufacturing costs
  • Improved productivity
  • Shorter term Return on investment (ROI)

Our mutual objective

Our clients learn how to improve short and long term flexibility, capacity and efficiency with a minimum of capital investment. We show you how to optimally deploy existing capital – only where and when it is needed.

We transform our clients to Change Management experts - competent in the successful launch and implementation of improvement processes which are continually integrated into work processes. We empower good companies to become world class organisations.

We do not leave you to cope alone

From the conception to the launch of improvement projects we support your company completely – creatively, practically and globally. Our measures are aimed at reducing manufacturing costs and improving the entire corporate structure.

The focus of our consulting activities is to "help you to help yourself". Through knowledge transfer we empower companies to implement improvements autonomously.

Employees receive tools from us to enable them to implement improvements in their own job enabling them to better define their own future.

We support our clients with the management of process changes, which are essential for the achievement of their objectives. As a result we ensure that the company achieves the best possible ROI.

The Motivation of your Human Capital is our Focus

We support managers in the introduction of processes for reducing costs as well as in the implementation of improvement projects. We are especially successful in gaining broad employee acceptance by clarifying the benefits and significance of change – even in the face of internal resistance.

We inspire individuals, teams and entire departments and motivate them to achieve more than they have previously deemed possible. The gain of confidence supports the efficient implementation of improvements. Frequently the acceptance of management decisions within the organisation has been sustainably increased by KAIZEN measures.

Consultants of the KAIZEN Institute

The knowledge of our consultants is based on well founded practical experience and continuous training in the leading international best practice methodologies. Their strength comes from their ability to record the actual situation in its entirety and to communicate that status and the objectives in the language of the company?s employees.

Our consultants have at least five years of line management experience prior to their consulting activities. KAIZEN consultants have proven success in the introduction and implementation of KAIZEN within this line management area.

Each consultant is able to create the vision essential for the improvement of the organisation and to develop a suitable strategy for its achievement. From the setting of objectives, which are generated together with the management and employees, our consultants design measures which are integrated into daily processes to accelerate their continuous improvement.

The focus of our employees is the improved performance of your employees!

Net product versus MUDA (=waste)

The consultants of the KAIZEN Institute understand the financial pressures and conditions of the business environment. We know the conflicts and challenges faced by executives and managers when it is necessary to achieve rapid results in an area more suited to longer term growth.

The consultants of the KAIZEN Institute help you to

  • increase profitability and cash flow,
  • improve production quality for internal and external customers, and significantly improve performance in the areas of delivery and reliability.


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