The path to KAIZEN Manager

In recent years there has been a definitive shift from sporadic KAIZEN improvements towards a more systematic improvement of corporate structures.
To this end the demands on a Continuous Improvement Manager are also changing.

In order to fulfill these requirements we offer a qualification programme tiered into 3 competence levels.
Participants progress
from KAIZEN Practitioner via the KAIZEN Coach to the KAIZEN Manager, the training successfully combining the best current theoretical and practical methods.
Prior to sitting the KAIZEN Manager exam the candidate must demonstrate that he/she has participated in all the necessary seminars throughout his/her training and has applied the skills learnt in his/her own area.
Another prerequisite to becoming a KAIZEN Manager is that the measures implemented by the individual must provide savings to the company equal to the cost of training. Frequently in practice the savings are far greater.
For the company this means that the costs of the qualification program are covered, and may even be profitable!

The 3 levels of competence

KAIZEN Practioner

The first level of competence is the KAIZEN Practitioner. He/she knows KAIZEN, TPM and Just in Time methods and techniques for improving operations processes. With this qualification he/she can apply and implement basic KAIZEN methods.


The second level of competence makes the Practitioner to KAIZEN Coach. The Coach is able to manage teams and lead workshops on site. He has a command further techniques for process design and the practical implementation of improvements. The Coach can also assume responsibility for informing and training staff.

KAIZEN Manager

The third level of competence leads to the KAIZEN Manager. An expert has the overview of all methods and activities and is responsible for the implementation of a KAIZEN organisation in the company. He/she has a command of the management methods for the planning and implementation of objectives, and the motivation of those involved. He/she coordinates the KAIZEN Coach activities.


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