Total Flow Management Foundations


Participants will understand the objectives and methods of Just-In-Time philosophy and are in the position to participate in the introduction of flow processes. They are able to identify waste in production and systematically eliminate the underlined causes using flow tools. Thereby they will make a crucial contribution to achieving a LEAN and flexible enterprise.

  • Principle of Just-In-Time production
  • Detecting waste in excessive production and stocks
  • From batch production to flow production
  • Adapting to customer cycle and 1 piece flow
  • Types of line design (example : U-layout)
  • Ergonomics and workplace
  • Standardized work
  • Supply of materials within production
  • Principles of the pull system
  • Principles of kanban
  • Principles of supermarket
  • Levelling and the reduction of setup time (SMED)

Who should attend

Everyone who is responsible for the implementation and performance of Just-In-Time (JIT) and KAIZEN, production planning, job preparation, material and production control, education and training staffs as well as Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) representatives.

  • 2 Trainers
  • Practitioner
  • Company Visit

Duration: 4 days

Inclusive of lunch, refreshments and course materials

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