KAIZEN™ Practitioner

The KAIZEN™ Practitioner seminar is designed to help understand the basic principles of the following KAIZEN™ ways of working and that is: 1. Understanding KAIZEN™ and how to implement sustainable within your workplace 2. Understanding of KAIZEN™ Change Management Model 3. Able to utilize the four main approach of Plan-Do-Check-Act 4. Able to use common KAIZEN™ tools such as GEMBA, Value Stream Mapping, Standard Operating, Daily KAIZEN™ whilst learning KAIZEN™ tools and techniques, as well as their practical application in the workplace. KAIZEN™ tools seek to solve problems through scientific methods, based on teamwork. It is a daily improvement of all employees and all company operations.

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27 - 29. Jul. 2021

Kuala Lumpur


3460 MYR

Our Training Goals

* Understanding the main 5 pillars of KAIZEN™ Change Management

* Understanding Stakeholder Management, and drive for changes and creating business changes through A3

* Understanding problems through PLAN approach through VOC, Gemba, SIPOC, Process Mapping, Value Stream Mapping and 7 QC Tools

* Understanding DO approach through Solutions such as (Waste, NVA, Cause and Effect Diagram, One-Piece Flow, KANBAN, Build-In Quality, Risk matrix, and Heijunka to prioritize action plan and accountability

* Understanding Check approach through before and after implementation and create a Daily Management principles to monitor make small changes in upon solutions are in placed.

* Understanding Act approach to ensure sustainable improvements through assessments and changes in behaviors

What you learn

Introduction to KAIZEN™
- Voice of Customer
- 5W1H
- Spaghetti Diagram
- Process Mapping
- Value Stream Mapping (VSM)
- Graphical Analysis

- Divergent & Convergent Thinking
- Fishbone Diagram & 5 Whys
- Mistake-proofing
- Eight Tools to Eliminate Waste
- Implement KAIZEN™ Tools
- Verify Implementation

- Control Plan
- Standard Work
- Visual Management
- Daily KAIZEN™

Gemba Learning Objective
Roles of KAIZEN™ Practitioner

KAIZEN™ Practitioner

3460 MYR

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